Upon a quick online search about used network switches, you might be surprised to find out that there are a number of vendors that sell used Cisco switches and refurbished Cisco switches. While these terms seem to be used interchangeably, they do not mean exactly the same.

Aren’t Refurbished Cisco Equipment The Same With Used?

Technically speaking, all refurbished Cisco hardware is labeled as used or pre-owned. This is one factor that makes it the same with used Cisco hardware. When it comes to quality, buyers can expect that both are rigorously tested to guarantee that they will work. The resellers give priority to deliver quality products even if they are previously owned.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Generally, a refurbished product is one that was restored to a condition similar to when it was bought brand-new. A refurbished Cisco switch, for example, has been subjected not only to a thorough performance check but also to a process of cleaning, testing, repair, and factory resetting. Once ready for inventory, these refurbished Cisco switches look and perform like new.

Do They Cost The Same?

There are also standards in pricing pre-owned equipment but with used Cisco, you can expect savings of up to 90% off the price when bought new from the manufacturer. Between a refurbished and a new Cisco switch, the prices will vary accordingly. Both will work great and have the same warranty but because refurbished equipment was closely inspected to look perfect, it will cost a little more than a used one.

Which One Is Better Then?

In terms of performance, you cannot say that a refurbished Cisco switch is better than a used Cisco switch. Both types will be tested in order to be fit for resell. The company makes sure that they are in great working order upon shipping.

If aesthetics are not that big of an issue and you want a pre-owned item that will work perfectly, then a used Cisco switch is a practical and more inexpensive choice. However, if you are looking forward to having a pre-owned gear that has no traces of the previous owner, paying a little extra for a refurbished Cisco network switch is much more ideal.

You see, with a refurbished Cisco switch, it should look almost identical to a fresh Cisco item. Scratches and any aesthetic imperfections are unacceptable. It must live up to the standards of being tagged as “brand new”. But this does not mean that used Cisco switches and other equipment are of lesser value, quality-wise.

Still, it is good to remember that the price difference is not an issue since most of these items are bought for their excellent performance and not on how they look.

Today, used Cisco equipment resellers have years of experience in recovering used Cisco network equipment that they are able to reliably sort out which items can be transformed into a mint condition and look as if they never left the manufacturer. At Used Cisco, we are experts in restoring used Cisco network equipment and ensure that they will still work at their best even if they obviously looked used.