Over the years, Cisco has built a reputable name in the IT industry. Cisco routers and switches are one of the best brands known to man. Top companies worldwide prefer to use Cisco products for their reliability and performance. If the budget permits, all IT professionals would be eager to own a Cisco product. However, brand-new equipment, even those from unknown brands, doesn’t come cheap. This is precisely the reason why most would consider having used Cisco network equipment. But, exactly what do you get with used Cisco routers?

Better Warranty Than Brand-New

You may never believe it but Cisco used routers have a better warranty deal than brand- new ones. Although some products have longer warranties, most only have the standard 90-day warranty. Quality refurbished Cisco equipment vendors offer longer warranty periods and with some providing lifetime warranties! They are also more lenient with regards to replacements as long as it is within the warranty period. Comparing the two, choosing a lifetime guarantee of no worries for used Cisco hardware makes more sense.

Higher Reliability With Thorough Inspections

Just because they are inexpensive does not mean that used Cisco hardware has to be poor in quality. In fact, compared to the spot checking method of Cisco manufacturers, Cisco refurbished switches and other refurbished Cisco equipment passes through multiple point inspections. This process ensures that all used Cisco products are in great working condition before they are sent out for retail.

Lesser Problems With Counterfeit Goods

Online shopping for IT merchandise can be troublesome because of shops that sell counterfeit goods. And because there is no way to check for authenticity until they are delivered, the buyer ends up getting stuck with low-quality fakes.  Network hardware outlets, for used Cisco products are stringent in screening used Cisco routers, as they have developed a zero-tolerance policy against counterfeit products. They know how important it is to remain trustworthy in the business that they guarantee all original used Cisco hardware in their inventories.


Using refurbished Cisco routers is one of the ways to help cut back the growing volume of e-waste products. By reusing electronic equipment such as Cisco refurbished switches, juniper routers, and used Cisco routers, lesser electronic equipment are broken down into waste thereby reducing the release of harmful toxins in the atmosphere.

Efficient Funds Management

If funding is already a challenge upon starting up a business, purchasing new Cisco network solutions could be a potential problem. Given that they are leading the industry and are very marketable, their products are pricey to the point of being overkill. Buying used Cisco network equipment means you can allocate lesser budget for machineries. This would leave you more funds that can be utilized for more important aspects of the business like research, manpower, and production.

Any network equipment reseller would normally convince you to buy new equipment and will never say a thing about other options. Buying used network equipment is safe, practical, and you still get to own the same superb quality device.