Frequently Asked Questions

Where does get its equipment?

We get all of our equipment from working environments. Most of our inventory comes from companies and organizations that are liquidating their assets either because of a bankruptcy, downsizing or perhaps they are upgrading. We buy back many parts form our existing customers and also source equipment from asset recovery specialists.

Do you upgrade each product with the latest software? Do you sell software?

We do not sell any software of any kind.

We get all of our equipment from working environments. Most of our inventory comes from companies and organizations that are liquidating their assets either because of a bankruptcy, downsizing or perhaps they are upgrading.

After the equipment passes our rigorous re-certification process, each unit is reset to factory defaults, including the removal of any specific configuration and passwords. The products are then sold with whatever software/firmware version the previous owner had on it.

In special circumstances, we may be able to locate a unit with a specific software/firmware version already installed.

To request a product with this status, please contact our sales team prior to purchase. Questions? Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at

We need a product with 'clean' serials. What is that? / Is this product serviceable through the OEM under contract?

'Clean serial' means the product you are purchasing is not currently under contract and therefore is eligible for support through the manufacturer. An example of a support contract that is often mentioned is SMARTnet. This status has nothing to do with product quality or its past or current condition. It also has no bearing on whether you can have it serviced by offers a standard one year warranty, next-day replacement and support services à la carte for all products, at a cost far less than standard manufacturer support contracts. For these reasons, most of our customers are typically not concerned whether or not a serial is 'clean'. products may or may not be 'clean'. Just like we do not state, guarantee or control software versions, similarly we have no control over this status. In special circumstances, we may have access to 'clean serial' units. To request a product with this status, please contact our sales team prior to purchase. If you purchase a clean serial unit, and you want to add SMARTnet, you would be required to make those arrangements yourself through the OEM sales channel.

None of this information is guaranteed, and we cannot control what the manufacturer will do, but this knowledge is based on our extensive industry experience and collective knowledge within our industry.

Questions? Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at

Where is my tracking number?

We send out an email with your tracking information when the order is shipped. To ensure email delivery, please add, and to your address book. This will prevent any emails getting caught in your spam filter.

We are working hard to improve our tracking number delivery system - Our order management feature is currently in development, and soon you will be able to view your order status and history directly on our site.

When will my order arrive?

Orders with :

  • Standard Ground shipping will arrive 4-6 business days from when the order is processed.
  • International Standard shipping method do not have a specified date, as customs clearance is outside of our control.

Orders are processed daily until 3:30pm EST. Any orders placed afterwards are processed the following business day.

We work very hard to process all orders on the same day they were submitted. On occasion however, items may get held up in our test lab because of a re-certification failure or we may choose to move equipment from one facility to another to consolidate your order.

Regardless of any internal delays your order may experience, we stick to our deadlines. This includes expediting shipments behind the scenes to get your order delivered on the day it was promised.

Is an authorized Cisco partner/reseller?

We are not affiliated with Cisco Systems, Inc. and are not a certified Cisco Partner. This unique position in the secondary market is what allows us the ability to source both new & used Cisco hardware. Authorized resellers cannot sell used equipment from the secondary market.

How does buying refurbished hardware help the environment?

Quite simply, reusing electronics cuts back on the amount of e-waste produced globally. E-waste is a byproduct of broken down electronic equipment that releases harmful toxins into our atmosphere.

Did you know that e-waste is responsible for 2% of the global carbon output annually? To put that into perspective, that is the same amount produced by the entire airline industry in the same period of time.

Read more in our Buyer's Guide about the growing e-waste problem.

What is the difference between refurbished, Guaranteed Pre-owned and used?

Refurbished and used are both considered pre-owned. However, refurbished as defined on our site, describes hardware that has been thoroughly inspected, put through our 28 point testing process, warranteed and guaranteed to be in great working and physical condition. Used parts are usually sold unprofessionally through channels like eBay, sold “as is,” and seldom come with any type of warranty.

What can I expect when I buy used hardware?

Used hardware purchased through us is inspected and tested by industry professionals to ensure it is fully functional and performs equal to new hardware. The hardware is scrutinized for major cosmetic issues and only hardware that passes our 28 point inspection is made available for sale. As with any used product, minor cosmetic imperfections such as small scratches may be present. These do affect performance in any way.

What is's return policy?

Don't worry, if and when items are damaged in shipping, which rarely happens, we will replace the item at no cost.

If an incorrect product is ordered, you may exchange the product for another of equal or greater value, minus any fees and shipping costs. Returns in these cases may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 25%, depending on part availability and market conditions.

Read our entire return policy in our terms and conditions page.

Why do exchanges carry a restocking fee?

We go through a long and difficult process to get the best products at your door, at a very reasonable price, in the quickest time frame possible. (You may know of a manufacturer or two who doesn't.)

It is an expensive process. These are the minimum costs associated with processing and fullfilling your order:

  • Inbound freight
  • Warehousing costs
  • Credit card fees
  • Packaging supplies
  • Warehouse personnel & lab technicians
  • Test lab equipment & supplies

Trust us - we do not want to charge you anything. We work hard to build and maintain relationships. Restocking fees are a necessary evil though and unfortunately we must cover our costs even when mistakes happen.

Questions? Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at

Does sell new hardware?

We carry both new and used hardware from various manufacturers (other than Cisco). Additionally, we are able to source new hardware faster than most original hardware manufacturers can deliver. New hardware sales are covered by the OEM’s warranty only and are not eligible for our warranty programs.

What methods of payment does accept?

We accept all major credit cards (American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover), Paypal, cashier's check, company check (after they clear the bank) and wire transfers. We also accept purchase orders from both government and education organizations based in the Unites States only.

Can I buy on credit terms with a purchase order? If so, what is the approval process?

We now accept purchase orders on terms from all approved organizations.

Approval Process

  • Contact our sales team, and a salesperson will email/fax you a form and answer any questions you may have.
  • Return your completed form to your sales person via fax/email.
  • We will run a one-time credit application, at no charge.
  • After your application is approved, we will notify you and you may then submit your first PO.
  • For every order thereafter, you may submit your PO directly with your salesperson for immediate processing.

Questions? Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at

What about counterfeit products? How does ensure it does not sell counterfeit hardware?

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding counterfeit products. We are an authority on the subject and our preventative guides have been published in various industry magazines.

We have developed and employ a strict anti-counterfeit system building on years of experience. The best defense against counterfeit begins in the purchasing department by selectively screening all sources and tracing where the hardware originates from. Afterwards, we can spot counterfeit in our lab before it makes it into your inventory.

Bottom line: We guarantee that all hardware products we sell are original. No exceptions!

What type of warranty does provide on the equipment it sells?

Buy with confidence! We place our faith in our quality, so much that we offer a FREE one year replacement warranty on every hardware purchase. Warranties can also be extended for two or three years for an additional fee.

What this means is, we agree to replace any part that stops functioning to manufacturer’s spec. within the allotted warranty period. Please note, customer modifications to the IOS config run the risk of getting config errors. These errors are not covered by our Standard Warranty. The reason for this is because the manufacturer has added new software controls to force users to buy software licenses when upgrading.

Questions? Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at

Does offer 24-hour advanced replacement?

Advanced replacements are possible in most cases. First, please obtain an RMA number from our customer service department. Afterwards, you can place your new OVERNIGHT order online, or with one of our sales reps. After the original item is received back to us, you will receive a full refund for the original product when it is returned and tested.

Questions? Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at

Can you describe the re-certification process?

Yes, we test rigorously! Every unit we stock is Guaranteed Pre-Owned, undergoing a grueling 28-point testing and upgrading process. Electronics, connectivity ports, memory config, firmware, and cosmetic condition are all carefully tested, upgraded and corrected. Our success stems from this meticulous process, and we are proud to have one of the lowest RMA rates in the industry. Don't take our word for it - read a handful of our testimonials and browse a sample of our growing customer base.

Questions? Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at

Can ship on the same day I place my order?

Yes! maintains large inventories of hardware and can therefore get orders out on the same day. However this service is reserved mostly for expedited orders.

Contact us for special arrangements. Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at

Does sell items not shown on the site? Legacy, hard-to-find, or End-of-life/End-of-Service products (EOS/EOL)? What about different manufacturers?

Yes! We have extensive sourcing channels and can help you locate some of the rarest and most obscure models.

Contact us now with the part number and any other requirements you have. Our expert sales team will try to locate the item for you. Either:

  • Request a quote
  • Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199

Email us at

What types of organizations buy hardware from What do they use the equipment for?

Not many businesses can claim every type of organization in every industry as customers - we can! We receive orders from all types of small and mid-sized businesses to large enterprises. We sell to telecommunications service providers, financial institutions and all types of government, educational and healthcare organizations.

We sell pre-owned equipment to thousands of customers all over the world. Most companies use our products to save money and the environment. Some organizations buy equipment from for sparing, testing and disaster recovery applications.

Others use our products in mission-critical applications like on aircraft carriers, municipal buildings, research labs and out on the field, literally, in remote areas where wired network infrastructure is non-existent. We've even landed our products on the biggest entertainment stages, performance halls and yes, even zoos.

Students studying for their exams up to the biggest brands you use every day buy with us. Why aren't you?

What are the benefits of buying pre-owned equipment?

The key benefits are significant savings, faster delivery and much longer warranties. Plus, you are helping the environment too! How can you argue with that?

How much can I expect to save when buying used vs. new?

You can expect to save anywhere from 50-90% off list price when buying used. People that have bought new Cisco equipment are realizing that longer warranties and significant savings from us mean lower overall risk and greater upside for your organization.

With a free one year warranty on all of our equipment, you are covered 8 times longer than the manufacturer itself will cover its own, brand new equipment - right out of the box!

Once you go used.... you never go back.

Why does your pricing change so often? What does "Limited Availability" mean? This part was cheaper/more expensive one hour ago!

  • Unlike a typical retail store which only sells new items, we sell primarily pre-owned hardware in a very dynamic market. As a result, prices are calculated up to several times a day, based exclusively on supply and demand.
  • When we say "Today's price", we're serious - it may (and probably will) change soon.
  • Products that are not regularly stocked are listed as "Limited Availability". Often, we can source them (find and buy the product within 24 hours) to fill the order. Just contact us and we'll look into it - give us a ring at (646) 695-9830 or email us for specific product availability information.
  • We are constantly improving our systems and processes to price as many parts as possible, and as accurately as possible. We know it's important, and trust us - we're on it.
  • In other words, when you find a good deal, order it - it may not be available tomorrow!
  • What happens if I had a product in my cart that was saved under my account from last month? I want to check out now, but the price is different. Which price do I get?
  • We offer saved carts as a convenience for customers with an account. It's like a wishlist - every time a product is added to the cart, it is saved, even if you come back months later. Unfortunately, we cannot lock down a previous price, as our prices change often.
  • When you are ready to buy, your cart should show display our latest price. If one or more prices for an item in your cart have changed, you will be prompted to either accept the new price and continue, or ignore the price change and remove the item from your cart.
  • Questions? Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at
  • Your product page said this was compatible! And it isn't - what's going on?!
  • Network hardware is one of the most complex and configurable industries in electronics and IT today. We carry over 80,000 part numbers.
  • While the information we receive comes from the manufacturer, distributors and other reputable sources, mistakes can happen.
  • Questions? Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at

What shipping methods do you offer?

When buying online, we offer :

  • FREE Super Saver shipping (in the United States, Canada and Mexico only)
  • Standard Ground shipping (in the United States, Canada and Mexico only)
  • Next Day Air shipping
  • 2 Day Air shipping
  • Standard International shipping

We can accommodate large orders, custom shipping and freight arrangements, as well as shipping on your company's account if necessary.

Questions? Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at

Do you ship outside of the US?

  • Yes! International customers are a big part of our business. As a general rule, anywhere the shipping companies go, we go. Political conditions change often, and affect the list, so posting one wouldn't stay current for long.
  • Questions? Give us a ring at 1 (800) 504-7199 or email us at 

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