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Cisco 1841 - Save Over $800

Cisco 1841 - Save Over $800

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Cisco 1841 Router Features:

Modular Platform Supporting T1/E1 Speeds

The Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Router is part of the Cisco 1800 Integrated Services Router Series which complements the Integrated Services Router Portfolio.

The Cisco 1841 Integrated Services Router provides the following support:

  • Wire-speed performance for concurrent services at T1/E1 WAN rates
  • Enhanced investment protection through increased performance and modularity
  • Enhanced investment protection through increased modularity
  • Increased density through High-Speed WAN Interface Card Slots (two)
  • Support for over 90 existing and new modules
  • Support for majority of existing WICs, VWICs, and VICs (data mode only)
  • Two Integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports
  • Security
    • On-board encryption
    • Support of up to 800 VPN tunnels with the AIM Module
    • Antivirus defense support through Network Admission Control (NAC)
    • Intrusion Prevention as well as stateful Cisco IOS Firewall support and many more essential security features

Plus a Free One-Year Warranty

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Published on 16/03/2016 23:02:16
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